How To Fully Flash Your Motorola Droid X (2.2 Froyo) To cricKet

Diag Mode

  1. Turn your Droid X off
  2. Power on your Droid X while holding the camera button
    • You can also hold the camera button while plugging the USB cable in
  3. You are now in Diag Mode

CDMA Workshop

  1. If you haven’t already connected your Droid X to your PC with your USB cable, do that now.
  2. Open CDMA Workshop
  3. Click the port button
  4. Select the Motorola Diagnostic Port
  5. Click Connect and then Read

Security Tab

  1. Under SPC / User Lock click SPC
  2. Send 000000
  3. Click Read at the bottom of this tab (or other tabs)


  1. Fill in your MIN (Account #) / MDN (Phone #)


  1. Fill in the following fields with their respective information.
    • PAP User: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])
    • PPP User: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])
    • HDR NAI: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])
    • HDR User: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])
    • HDR PPP: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])
    • Teth. NAI: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])
    • PAP Pass: cricket
    • PPP Pass: cricket
    • HDR Pass: cricket
    • HDR Pass: cricket
    • HDR PPP: cricket
  2. Click on the M.IP Profiles button

M.IP Profiles

  1. Fill in the following fields with their respective information.
    • Profiles: 1
    • Active: 0
    • Profile Enabled: Checked
    • NAI: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])
    • T.NAI: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])
    • HA Shared Secret: cricket
    • AAA Shared Secret: cricket
    • Home Address:
    • P. HA Address:
    • S. HA Address:
    • R. Interval: 1750
    • M.IP Behavior: Mobile + Simple
  2. Click Write at the bottom of this tab (or any other tab)

Memory Tab

  1. Write the attached droid radio unlock NV items.

Other Tab

  1. Write the attached cricket PRL. (42900 is latest)


  1. Install anycut.apk
  2. Open anycut and create a new shortcut to APN’s
    • On your home screen you will now see an icon for APN’s
  3. Open your newly created APN’s shortcut
  4. Remove any pre existing APN’s
  5. Create a new APN with the following information
    • Name: Cricket
    • APN: internet
    • Proxy: <not set>
    • Port: <not set>
    • Username: [email protected]
    • Password: cricket
    • Server: <not set>
    • MMSC:
    • MMS Proxy: <not set>
    • MMS Port: <not set>
    • MCC: 310
    • MNC: 016
    • Authentication Type: PAP or CHAP
    • APN Type: *
  6. Enable your newly created APN by selecting the radio box on the APN selection screen

Max MMS Size

  1. Open the dialer and enter ##program and call
  2. Enter your SPC code (000000)
  3. Select SMS/MMS Settings
  4. Set Address For Upload To Online Album to 111111
  5. Set Maximum MMS Message Size (Byte) to 1024000
  6. Back all the way out

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